"Carbon Middle" is a an upcoming short film concerning the existential trying of a creative to ‘make their mark’. 
Told through the perspective of a British born African within their surrounding spaces. 
It evolves around the feelings of scarcity, a dominating cultural presence and seeking answers in self-reflecting.

In this scene two sisters perform for the lens through sharing energy in a continuous flow
the magnetic rhythm is reflected through mirrored hands and the body. 
communicating through the heart waves rippling within the one.
unique recreations of each other in a purely intuitive space. nothing is rehearsed.

Emwin egbe
Ęręmwon no rhuwisagięn ke khi ladian vbogho vbo yukpon guegbe.

No ętin musęake ne ye vbuwegbe
O kevbe ghahio vbuwegbe.

Evba koyegbe oghowieyi.
I ke ghi lerhe ya rhuogbon no fima werhie

Ughegbe na ya ghegbe
Okhuo no zogo.